Aswegen Bulldogs

Aswegen Bulldogs
Address: Johannesburg Gauteng
Mobile: 0735142643

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Mighty Bulldogs

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Breeding is my passion and working to breed healthy puppies. Breeding Quality dogs produce Quality offspring's. It is not possible to breed champions (of high) Quality puppies from pet (or inferior) Quality parents. What you choose to exhibit in the showing,reflects on your knowledge about the breed and breed standard. Bulldogs require special care in extreme climates. You cannot purchase a Bulldog and just let it out into your backyard. First and foremost, you are letting the poor little girl or boy fend, more or less, for itself. Like most breeds of dogs, Bulldogs have a burning desire to be with their owner at all times, and when these emotional needs are not met, they can become frustrated, physically unwell and mentally distraught.