CatSure Pet Health Insurance

CatSure Pet Health Insurance
Contact: Brent Cocks
Address: , Cape Town 7405, Western Cape
Mobile: 0215514447

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Peace of mind for your furry family members is what we do!

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We all love our cats and would do anything for them, but pet care can get very expensive. With a Catsure policy, you cat’s medical costs are covered, with NO annual limits and NO sub-limits per procedure. There is an excess on each claim, but after that small portion, Catsure will cover the rest. Unlike most other pet insurance products, Catsure does not discriminate against any breeds. There are no exclusions for breed-specific conditions, and Catsure will accept applications for cats from an 8 week-old-kitten to your 8-year-old long-time friend. Of course, pre-existing illnesses and conditions are not covered and there’s a 30 day waiting period, during which time your cat is still covered for accidents. Getting covered by CatSure is easy and you can do it all online. Just visit Peace of mind for your furry family members is what we do!