Del Cabo Kennels

Del Cabo Kennels
Contact: Kumeshin Sinayan
Address: Cape Town Western Cape
Mobile: 0769829991

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Loyalty , Quality , Beauty

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We are small hobby breeders of the Dogo Argentino located in Cape Town , South Africa. We have spent years researching the breed to locate and procure some of the finest Dogo Argentino dogs available here in the South Africa. Our dogs are true to the original type, athletic and of sound mind and body. Our mission is to protect and preserve this breed; to maintain the timeless loyalty, power and beauty of this breed to enjoy for generations to come.


Registration with the KUSA: We will provide you with the Pedigree as well as the KUSA Registration once available for your puppy, so that you can register the puppy in your name. If you choose a “Pet” Contract, you must provide us with the documentation for the spay/ neuter before we send you the KUSA registration paperwork.

Up-to-date vaccinations: If your puppy goes home at 8 weeks, they will have their first round of puppy shots and their first dewormer treatment. If they are older than 8 weeks, they will be up-to-date on all recommended vaccines for their age. We keep excellent records and provide their medical history to you when you receive your puppy.

Hearing Certification: We will provide you a BAER (Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response) hearing test certification from our licensed veterinarian recognised by KUSA.

Health Guarantee: When you take your puppy home, we provide a clean bill of health and/or a health certificate, from our licensed veterinarian. We also provide a 1-year congenital and genetic health guarantee.